Funding for Therapy and Counselling

The Regulated Health Professions Act requires each health professional college to establish a program to provide funding for therapy and counselling for a person who, while a patient, was sexually abused by a registrant. This program is administered by the Patient Relations Committee.

The following information is intended for people considering applying for funding from the Ontario College of Pharmacists.

Who is Eligible?

A patient can apply for funding through our Patient Relations Program to help pay for therapy or counselling services immediately after the College has been made aware of a complaint or a report of sexual abuse by a pharmacist or pharmacy technician.

How Much Funding is Available?

Funding, up to the maximum, is available for five years from the day on which the person first received therapy or counselling. The maximum amount of funding that may be provided to a person in respect of sexual abuse is the amount that the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) would pay for 200 half-hour sessions of individual out-patient psychotherapy with a psychiatrist on the day the person becomes eligible for funding.

Choice of Counsellor/Therapist

Funding is paid directly to the therapist or counsellor chosen by the person and may only be used to pay for therapy or counselling. A person who is eligible for funding is permitted to choose any therapist or counsellor, subject to the following:

  1. The therapist or counsellor must not be in a family relationship to the person;
  2. The therapist or counsellor must not be a person who has ever been found guilty of professional misconduct of a sexual nature, or been found civilly or criminally liable for an act of a similar nature;
  3. If the therapist or counsellor is not a member of a regulated health profession, the person may be asked to sign a document indicating that he or she understands that the therapist or counsellor is not subject to professional discipline.
How To Request Funding Support

If you would like to request funding for therapy or counselling services through this program, please email us directly at

Forms Related to Funding Support

Form A: Funding Request for Therapy or Counselling

Form B: Therapist or Counsellor Information – Part I

Form B: Therapist or Counsellor Information – Part II

Form C: Request for Reimbursement for Past Therapy Costs

Form D: Therapist Invoice

Community Resources and Support

Community Resources for Victims of Sexual Abuse