Re-Designed Website Improves Navigation, Access to Content for Professionals and the Public

Posted:Aug 8th, 2019
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Recognizing the incredibly valuable role our website plays in helping to communicate important information to pharmacy professionals, the public, and health system stakeholders, we’re pleased to announce the launch of a refreshed College website.

Our re-designed website responds to the consistent feedback we heard to improve the overall user experience for website visitors. The website now includes improved navigation features, enhanced design and new functionality to help make access to important content easier for professionals and for members of the public.

The website renewal also aligns with Council defined strategic priorities and our overall commitment to improve our communication with the public and stakeholders and to strengthen awareness of the role of the College.

Check out the following helpful resources:

Additional enhancements to the College’s website and other communication products are expected over time and we will continue to reach out to registrants, patients/public and other stakeholders to inform our work.

NOTE: While we have endeavoured to improve the navigation of the site, the structure of the content – where the content is organized and located on the site – remains largely unchanged. If you have previously included or shared links to specific pages on the College website, those links should still function normally. However, it is recommended that you check any outbound links (including bookmarks) to the College website and update them as necessary.