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Applicants are required to find a preceptor who is willing to supervise and assess their performance during SPT.

The College can provide you with a list of all preceptors who are currently trained and available to supervise a pharmacy technician applicant. Preceptors currently engaged in training will not appear on the list. To get a copy of the list, please email

Finding a preceptor can be challenging you should put in as much diligence as you would in searching for employment.

Tips on Finding a Preceptor
  1. Begin the process early — it can take time to find a preceptor who is willing and available.
  2. Review the Preceptor Criteria & Practice Site Criteria to ensure that you understand who may be your preceptor.
  3. Prepare a resume and cover letter that clearly outlines your goals and objectives as well as relevant experience. Send the resume and cover letter to the attention of the person who is responsible for hiring at the pharmacy or drop it off in person, and follow up with that individual within a few weeks.
  4. Go to the pharmacy in person — this gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself and discuss your training requirements and interests. It is easier to make an impact in person.
  5. Use the preceptor lists or refer a potential preceptor to the College. You may want to share information about the SPT program with potential preceptors.
  6. Consider relocating or commuting — although there are more preceptors in the urban centres, the competition for positions is also higher.
  7. Refer to websites for job postings — some pharmacy organizations have a career section that advertises training positions.
  8. Network —conferences and educational seminars offered by pharmacy organizations can be great places to make connections to potential preceptors.
  9. Be persistent — it can take time to find a suitable preceptor. Following these steps can help to secure a position.

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