SPT Preceptor Criteria

Approved: July 2009 (technician applicants)

Revised: March 2019

This policy defines who the Registration Committee has determined may be an approved preceptor for the College’s Structured Practical Training (SPT) Program.


Structured Practical Training (SPT) preceptors must be an experienced practitioner, good role model, and objective evaluator, and have met the training requirements.


The pharmacy technician applicant must submit an SPT application specifying a proposed preceptor. College staff will review the proposed preceptor’s eligibility to be a preceptor, and either process the application or request further information before deciding if the pharmacy technician or pharmacist meets the Decision Criteria to act as a preceptor. The applicant and proposed preceptor will be notified of the outcome of the review within 10 business days.

In cases where an applicant wishes to have two co-preceptors supervise his or her SPT, the applicant must contact College staff and provide an explanation why he or she wishes to have two co-preceptors. If this request for two co-preceptors is approved, this policy will apply to both co-preceptors.

During the training period, the preceptor(s) may delegate secondary supervision of the preceptee to another pharmacy technician or pharmacist. This policy does not apply to those secondary supervising pharmacy technicians and pharmacists.

Decision criteria

Experienced practitioner

The proposed SPT preceptor must have been registered and practicing in a similar scope of practice in a Canadian jurisdiction for at least one year.

Good role model

The proposed SPT preceptor must:

  1. Be a member in good standing with the College without any terms, conditions or limitations on his/her certificate of registration, other than those applicable to all members of the class in which the preceptor holds a certificate of registration;
  2. Have not, within the last six years, been:
    • found to have committed an act of professional misconduct;
    • determined to be incompetent; or
    • to have been found to be incapacitated;
  3. Not currently be the subject of any allegations of professional misconduct, incompetence, or incapacity that have been referred to, but not yet decided, by the Discipline or Fitness to Practise Committee (as appropriate);
  4. Be practising for a minimum of 18 hours per week in their relevant scope of practice in Ontario; and
  5. Practise in a setting that meets the SPT Practice Site Criteria.

Objective evaluator

The proposed SPT preceptor must:
  1. Only directly supervise one SPT pharmacy technician applicant at a time;
  2. Directly supervise the applicant for a minimum of 18 hours per week; and
  3. Not have a conflict of interest (e.g., direct or indirect familial relationship, financial or business connection) with the applicant that may compromise the validity of the assessment process.
Trained preceptor

The proposed SPT preceptor must:

  1. Have successfully completed within the past three years the preceptor training requirements specified by College staff (e.g., recognized online preceptor training modules);
  2. Be currently qualified to be a preceptor for the:
    • University of Toronto, Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy – Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) rotations
    • University of Waterloo, School of Pharmacy — Fourth-year direct patient care rotations; or
  3. Have been actively engaged as a preceptor and successfully completed any additional preceptor training requirements specified by College staff.
Possible outcomes

SPT Preceptor Criteria met

If the proposed SPT preceptor meets the Decision Criteria, the application will be processed and the applicant will be notified within 10 business days.

SPT Preceptor Criteria not met

If the proposed SPT preceptor does not meet the Decision Criteria due to an actual or perceived conflict of interest with, or bias related to, the applicant, the application will be considered under the College’s SPT Conflict of Interest Policy.

If the proposed SPT preceptor does not meet all of the Decision Criteria, the applicant will be notified within 10 business days. If the applicant chooses not to find another preceptor, the proposed preceptor may request further consideration by a panel of the Registration Committee.

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