Practice Policies & Guidelines

Practice Policies

The Ontario College of Pharmacists (OCP) publishes practice policies and guidelines to advise registrants of the College’s expectations and to provide direction regarding their practice. Practice policies outline OCP’s expectations relating to pharmacy professionals’ conduct, while re-affirming the values, principles and duties of the pharmacy profession. In addition to providing guidance to the profession, policies serve as a benchmark against which the conduct of the individual pharmacist is evaluated.

OCP develops policies through a rigorous process. More information about the College’s policy process, including what triggers policy development or review, can be found on the College’s Policy Process infographic.

Centralized Prescription Processing (Central Fill)

Designated Manager – Medication Procurement and Inventory Management

Designated Manager – Professional Supervision of Pharmacy Personnel

Designated Manager – Required Signage in a Pharmacy

Distribution of Medication Samples

Faxed Transmission of Prescriptions

Fees for Professional Pharmacy Services

Labelling Single Entity Drugs

Loyalty Points Programs

Medical Directives and the Delegation of Controlled Acts

Operating Internet Sites

Opioid Policy

Prescriptions – Out of Country

Restocking of Drugs used for Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) during COVID-19 Policy

Treating Self and Family Members

Virtual Care Policy


Administering a Substance by Injection or Inhalation

Dispensing Components Included in the Usual and Customary Fee

Documentation Guidelines

Ending the Pharmacist-Patient Relationship

Extending the Beyond-Use Dates for Sterile Preparations

Initiating, Adapting and Renewing Prescriptions

Multi-Medication Compliance Aids

Performing a Procedure on Tissue Below the Dermis Guideline

Preventing Sexual Abuse and Harassment

Professional Obligations when Declining to Provide a Pharmacy Product or Service due to Conscience or Religion

Protecting the Cold Chain

Record Retention, Disclosure, and Disposal

Supervision of Pharmacists (Emergency Assignment) and Pharmacy Technicians (Emergency Assignment) Guideline


Administration of COVID-19 Vaccine by Pharmacy Professionals

COVID-19 Testing in Community Pharmacies

Prescribing and Providing Controlled Substances during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Accreditation and Operation of a Pharmacy

Dispensing or Selling Naloxone

Medical Assistance in Dying

Operation of a Remote Dispensing Location


Improving the Safety and Security of Controlled Substances in Hospital High Risk Areas

Drug Preparation Premises

Position Statements

Authenticity of Prescriptions using Unique Identifiers for Prescribers

Cannabis Position Statement