Standards for Pharmacists Providing Services to Licensed Long-Term Care Facilities – Retired

The Standards for Pharmacists Providing Services to Licensed Long Term Care Facilities (LTC Standards) were retired March 22, 2021. Prior to doing so, the Standards of Practice, Standards of Operation, and the College’s existing standards and guidelines were reviewed to determine if the expectations and guidance addressed in the LTC Standards were still necessary or addressed elsewhere. Based on this review, it was determined that the College’s Standards, policies, and guidelines sufficiently cover the expectations outlined in the LTC Standard and therefore retiring the LTC Standards would not present a gap in the College’s expectations of pharmacy professionals when providing medication management services in LTC homes.

Refer to 9.4c. Briefing Note – Pharmacists working in LTC and Appendix 1, pages 266-275 of the March 22, 2021 OCP Board Meeting Materials for details.

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