Statement on Governance Investigation

Posted:Jun 7th, 2024
Read Time: 2 Min Read

OCP takes its regulatory responsibilities seriously and guards against conflicts of interests, real or perceived, that might put at risk the public’s trust in our ability, or that of our governing Board of Directors, to regulate the profession in the public interest with integrity.

In April, the Governance Committee of the Board initiated an independent, third-party investigation promptly after it became aware of a class action lawsuit filed by one its Board Directors, Siva Sivapalan, against a major pharmacy corporation. The College retained an independent third-party investigator to investigate whether Mr. Sivapalan’s role in the lawsuit might be in conflict with his role as a Board Director.

The rules related to Board Director conduct, and the processes that are followed in the event concerns are raised, are outlined in OCP’s Board policies and By-Laws. Hiring an independent third-party investigator is the standard way to ensure that such investigations are impartial. The investigation is ongoing. When the investigation is complete, the Governance Committee will receive a report from the investigator and will decide whether further action is warranted and, if they think so, the issue will go to the Board for a decision and if it does, it will be in public for transparency.

Elected directors to the Board are members of the profession who, like Siva, devote themselves to caring for others and who are passionate about serving their communities. There are many who have come to know Siva, both professionally and personally, and we respect the knowledge and experience he brings to his work at OCP just like all Board Directors, elected or appointed. This has never been in question.

Board Directors are duty-bound to make decisions in the public interest, and to place OCP’s mandate and their fiduciary responsibilities above their own interests at all times as even the perception of a conflict of interest can jeopardize the integrity of our decisions and actions as a regulator.

Given the importance of our work to respond to the concerns raised by pharmacy professionals about the impact of corporate pressures on pharmacy professional autonomy and their well-being, we are looking forward to a prompt resolution of this matter. Until then, we will respect the independence of the investigation and its confidentiality.