Under Stress and Duress: Final report on what we heard from pharmacy professionals about corporate pressures in pharmacy

Posted:Jul 2nd, 2024
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OCP has published its final report on the feedback provided directly from registrants who shared their concerns about corporate pressures in pharmacy that are interfering with their ability to provide the kind of care they want to provide to their patients. Entitled “Under Stress and Duress, the report analyzes information collected through a survey and series of town halls in March 2024 that led to the establishment of our zero-tolerance position on corporate pressures in pharmacy.

The report:

  • Reinforces that corporate pressures exist and that they have a significant impact on pharmacy professional autonomy and their wellbeing
  • Confirms the top types of pressures shared by pharmacy professionals and where they were experienced
  • Expands on the qualitative themes from the thousands of individual comments from pharmacy professionals to further establish a link between corporate pressures and feelings of burnout and stress, loss of professional identity and impact on quality care

Thank you to the thousands of pharmacy professionals who provided feedback through the survey and town hall meetings and for showing courage and commitment to patients by coming forward to share these experiences with us.

Please keep following our progress and be sure to call our corporate pressures hotline to share any corporate pressures that impact your ability to meet professional and ethical obligations or provide quality care to your patients.

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