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Continuous Quality Improvement Benefits Patients in Community Pharmacies

Continuous quality improvement, or CQI, involves a set of actions that lead to improvements in healthcare services and patient outcomes. Implementing the appropriate framework is essential in ensuring that practitioners are delivering the best possible patient care and that medication incidents and near misses are being properly dealt with.

All pharmacies are required to have a defined process in place to identify and resolve systemic issues, share learnings with team members, and implement appropriate changes accordingly.

Learn more in the CQI Benefits Patients in Community Pharmacies article, published in the Winter 2015 edition of Pharmacy Connection.


Self Assessment Tool Effective in Identifying Opportunities for Professional Development

Continuous professional development (CPD) is integral to professional practice. Self-assessment, designed to determine learning needs, is an important part of CPD and ongoing learning. To assist members in evaluating their practice, the College provides a self-assessment tool for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. While this tool is available on our website to members year-round, each year the College requires 20% of members to use the tool to complete their self-assessment.

This will be the first year that 20% of pharmacy technicians are selected to complete the pharmacy technician self-assessment. It is important to note that the information documented in the self-assessment tool is confidential (i.e. not submitted to the College) because it is intended to help you in your CPD. 

Those selected to complete the self-assessment for 2015 will get an individual notification email in the next few weeks.  

Learn more about the self-assessment tool.

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