Corporate Pressures Hotline

The College has set up a telephone and email hotline to continue to engage directly with registrants about their experiences with corporate pressures in pharmacy. The hotline is open to all pharmacy professionals working in any practice environment, including independent pharmacies.

The College will use the information it receives to track and look into concerns about corporate pressures that get in the way of pharmacy professionals’ ability to deliver the care they want to provide to their patients, or that negatively affect their personal well-being.

Registrants can use the hotline even if they participated in the College’s survey and town halls on workplace experiences earlier this year.

Share your experience with corporate pressures:

Call 416-962-4861 x 3700 (if your call is not answered, please leave a detailed message and you will receive a call-back)


Hours of operation: Monday to Friday, noon to 4 p.m., beginning June 17 (excluding holidays)

For more information:
More information about the College’s response to corporate pressures is available on the Quality First: Addressing Business Pressures on Pharmacy Practice webpage.



Information shared by registrants through the hotline may be used to:

  • Identify new trends that OCP should be aware of so we can respond more quickly
  • Identify specific pharmacies or pharmacy corporations where registrants are experiencing these pressures, and to understand the nature of those pressures more clearly
  • Contribute to OCP’s actions towards specific pharmacies or corporations in response to concerns shared through the hotline
  • Identify gaps in understanding or communication so OCP can act more quickly to address them.

Yes. Although we may ask for your contact details to appropriately address the feedback you’ve shared, you will be asked to consent to sharing this information. Consent is always optional.

Although anyone can call the hotline, it is designed for pharmacy professionals to share their experiences with corporate pressures. This applies to all pharmacy professionals working in any practice environment, including independent pharmacies.

No. If you wish to file a complaint or report information, please do so through our existing process. More information about complaints and reports are available on our website: