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The Field Years

Canadian and World Social and Political Events
1920’s – Hague International Court; International Labour Organization; Great Depression begins 1929; Canadian prime ministers: Robert Borden, Arthur Meighen, Mackenzie King

1930’s - CBC established; USA/Canada Good Neighbour Policy; Eward VIII succeeds George V, but abdicates and is replaced by George VI; Canadian prime ministers Mackenzie King, Richard Bennett; Abyssinian War, 1935-36; Spanish Civil War, 1936-39; World War II 1939-45

1940’s – World Health Organization (WHO). United Nations (UN) and NATO established; Newfoundland joins Confederation; National Health Service starts in Britain; Mackenzie King retires and is succeeded by Louis St. Laurent; Truman succeeds Roosevelt who dies in 4th term; USA drops atomic bombs on Japan

1950’s – Elizabeth II succeeds George VI in 1952; John Diefenbaker succeeds St. Laurent; Norad established; St. Lawrence Seaway opens; McCarthyism runs rampant in USA; NORAD established; Korean War, 1950-1953; Vietnam War, 1957-1975; hydrogen bomb tested, 1952

1960’s – Lester B. Pearson succeeds John Diefenbaker in 1963 as prime minister of Canada