Cannabis Training Requirements and Courses

March 2018 Council approved the Cannabis Task Force recommendation requiring all practicing pharmacists to complete mandatory cannabis education. A Cannabis Education Advisory Group was formed consisting of community pharmacists, hospital pharmacists, educators and a patient advocate to provide input on defining competencies related to cannabis. The advisory group defined core competencies for cannabis education that must be met by course providers to ensure consistency in educational training for all Part A pharmacists registered with the College.

During the 2020 pharmacist annual renewal process, pharmacists must declare that they have completed a College-approved cannabis course. The deadline to declare is March 10, 2020 (when annual renewal ends). There is no need to notify the College prior to this time or to submit any documentation.

As with other self-declarations (e.g First Aid/CPR, immunization certification, personal professional liability insurance, etc.) it would be prudent to keep a record of this in your Learning Portfolio for quality assurance purposes and auditability.

OCP-Approved Courses:

Following the guidance provided by the advisory group, the College worked with the Canadian Council on Continuing Education in Pharmacy (CCCEP) to identify cannabis education programs that met the identified competencies.

The approved courses are listed on the Continuing Education for Pharmacists page on our website, under “Cannabis”.

To learn more about the cannabis-related competencies approved by Council, please go to the CCCEP page.