Injection Training Requirements and Courses


For the purposes of this information, where the term ‘pharmacist’ is used, it is inclusive of pharmacy interns and students, and subject to any terms, conditions and limitations on their certificates of registration. Where this is not the case, it will be clearly identified.

In order to administer injections in Ontario, pharmacists must:

  1. Successfully complete an OCP-approved course for pharmacist injection education
  2. Maintain valid certification in CPR and First Aid equivalent to St. John Ambulance or Red Cross Standard First Aid & CPR/AED Level C
  3. Register their training with the College

OCP-Approved Courses for Pharmacists

OCP-approved courses have obtained CCCEP competency-mapped accreditation, which addresses the 15 competencies for pharmacist injection education, as approved by the OCP Board.

Out-of-province training

OCP recognizes injection authority obtained from another pharmacy regulatory body in Canada, since the injection training in other provinces and territories addresses the same 15 competencies for pharmacist injection education that were approved by the OCP Board. View a full listing of all Canadian CCCEP competency-mapped accredited courses.

Ontario Pharmacy Graduates

Graduates of the University of Waterloo (2012 onward) and graduates of the University of Toronto (2013 onward) have already received the appropriate injection training as part of their curriculum.

Pharmacy Technicians

In order to administer the COVID-19 vaccine or influenza vaccine by injection in Ontario, pharmacy technicians must:

  • Successfully complete an OCP-approved injection training course
  • Register their training with the College
  • Valid certification in CPR and First Aid is recommended but not mandated at this time as pharmacy technicians will only administer the vaccine under supervision and in a setting where other health care professionals are required to have this certification

OCP-Approved Courses for Pharmacy Technicians

OCP-approved courses have obtained CCCEP accreditation and address the 7 competencies for pharmacy technician injection education.