Knowledge Assessment Blueprint

The blueprint below describes the key topics and competencies that will be assessed on the knowledge assessment for pharmacists. The blueprint was developed by peer pharmacists practising in community, hospital and other practice settings, and is based on the NAPRA Professional Competencies for Canadian Pharmacists at Entry to Practice.

NAPRA Competency Key Competencies Weighting Topics
1. Ethical, Legal and Professional Responsibilities
Pharmacists practice within legal requirements, demonstrate professionalism and uphold professional standards of practice, codes of ethics and policies
1.1. Practice within legal requirements

1.2 Uphold ethical principles

1.3 Manage actual and potential illegal, unethical, or unprofessional actions or situations in practice

1.4 Apply principles of professionalism

1.5 Document activities of practice in compliance with federal and provincial/territorial legislation, standards and policies

20% Examples:

Controlled substances

Standards of practice

Scope of practice


2. Patient Care
Pharmacists, in partnership with the patient and in collaboration with other health professionals, meet the patient’s health and drug-related needs to achieve the patient’s health goals
2.3 Assess the patient’s health status and concerns

2.4 Determine the patient’s actual and potential drug therapy problems

2.5 Develop the patient’s care plan in partnership with the patient and in collaboration with other health professionals

2.6 Implement the patient’s care plan

2.8 Monitor the patient’s progress and assess therapeutic outcomes

80% Examples:







Mental Health

Infectious disease

6. Knowledge and Research Application
Pharmacists access, retrieve, critically analyze and apply relevant information to make evidence-informed decisions within their practice with the goal of ensuring safe and effective patient care
6.1 Apply knowledge, research skills and professional judgement to the decision-making process

6.2 Respond to questions using appropriate strategies

6.3 Apply relevant information to practice

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