Preparing for the Knowledge Assessment

Part A Pharmacists should review the knowledge assessment blueprint prior to their assessment. The blueprint describes the key topics and competencies that will be assessed and provides topic examples.

In addition to the blueprint, recommended resources include:

Note that the best preparation is your ongoing patient care practice. Pharmacist peers have created the assessment cases to be reflective of everyday practice.

Technological Requirements

Below are the key technological requirements for completing the knowledge assessment. Detailed information will be provided in communication from Meazure Learning (Testing Support), the knowledge assessment administrator, and on the FAQ section of the exam platform.

  • Ensure you have access to a desktop or laptop computer and a stable internet connection
  • A wired connection is recommended to support stable internet
  • Minimum Windows 8 or MacOS 10.13
  • Review all the equipment requirements provided by Meazure Learning
  • Test your equipment well in advance of the knowledge assessment
Platform Demonstration

The platform demonstration is designed to help you get familiar with the exam software and knowledge assessment navigation. Access to the platform demonstration will be made available once you enroll in the knowledge assessment.

Sample Questions

The sample questions reflect the format, style and topics (based on the knowledge assessment blueprint) of your exam questions. Prepare for the exam by practicing on these sample questions in a no-risk environment.

To access the online sample questions:


Prior to beginning the knowledge assessment, pharmacists are required to review and agree to a statement of understanding which includes maintaining the confidentiality of the knowledge assessment exam questions.