International Pharmacy Technician Bridging Education

Council has approved the Orientation to the Canadian Health Care System, Culture and Context course combined with any other course(s) or program required by a panel of the Registration Committee as the bridging education to assist international pharmacy technician applicants gain the knowledge, skills and abilities required to meet the Canadian entry-to-practice standards for pharmacy technicians.

The Registration Committee has identified the following courses that panels may require an applicant to successfully complete to meet the education registration requirement:

  • Pharmacy Laws, Regulation and Ethics
  • Communication with Patients and Health Professionals
  • Pharmaceutical Calculations
  • Pharmacy Software and Billing
  • Community Dispensing
  • Medication Packaging
  • Compounding (Non-Sterile) Skills
  • Sterile Product Skills
  • Hospital Dispensing Skills

All international pharmacy technician applicants who did not pass Parts I and II of the PEBC Qualifying Exam for pharmacy technicians on their first attempt must successfully complete bridging education ordered by a panel of the Registration Committee in addition to the Orientation course before they may register as a pharmacy technician.

The online Orientation course is offered by the University of Toronto School Of Continuing Studies. The other approved bridging courses are offered by the CTS Canadian Career College. Course descriptions, availability and fees are posted on the providing institution’s website.

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