Prepare for the Exam

COVID-19 Notice

The references, resources (e.g., JP modules) and the exam questions do not reflect temporary changes (such as CDSA s.56 exemption) to deal with pandemic.


Candidates should review the Jurisprudence Exam Blueprint to understand the key topic areas that will be tested and the relative weight of each topic area. These sample questions show the general format of the exam questions.

Candidates should study the official legislation that is listed below, and use the e-learning modules created by the College to reinforce key topics from these pieces of legislation as additional learning resources. Links to these modules are included under the respective acts and regulations or code to which they apply. Note: The modules are compatible with most mobile devices.

Experience applying the legislation in practice is also helpful in preparing for the exam.

Candidates should review the Day of the Exam page and the Rules of Conduct well before the day of the exam.

Topic Areas

The Jurisprudence Exam is based on provincial and federal legislation related to current pharmacy practice in Ontario. Key pieces of legislation and supporting resources are listed below.

Federal Acts & Regulations

Provincial Acts & Regulations

Code of Ethics

Standards of Practice

OCP Policies & Guidelines

Opioid Policy and Fact Sheet: Key Requirements for Methadone Maintenance Treatment (MMT)

National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities (NAPRA) Drug Schedules

Prescription Regulation Summary Chart (reformatted March 2021)

Required Reference Guide for Ontario Pharmacies

Legal Authority for Scopes of Practice

Mandatory Reporting


Candidates may wish to view the Demonstration Tutorial to familiarize themselves with the navigation and features of the computer-based testing platform. The tutorial includes a Practice Sample Test with examples of the style and format of exam questions. The correct responses are available on the Sample Questions page.

Candidates who are considering taking the Jurisprudence exam as a remotely proctored exam should run a system readiness check to determine if their computer system is compatible to install the ProProctor application. Please see the Apply for the Exam page for information about the technology requirements for this exam delivery option.

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