AIMS Program e-Learning

See our series of e-Learning Modules that discuss the AIMS Program for pharmacy professionals.

Image Title
Screen cap of the Introduction to AIMS e-learning module Introduction to AIMS
Screen cap of the importance of recording medication incidents e-learning module The Importance of Recording Medication Incidents and Near Misses
Screen cap of the concepts and standard to AIMS e-learning module Concepts and Standard Definitions Used in the Management of Medication
Screen cap of the how to use the pharmapod platform AIMS e-learning module How to Use the Pharmapod Platform
Screen cap of the continuous quality improvement in your pharmacy AIMS e-learning module Continuous Quality Improvement in Your Pharmacy
Screen cap of the data warehouse and reporting review AIMS e-learning module Data Warehouse and Reporting Review
Pharmacy Safety Self-Assessment (PSSA)

Pharmacy Safety Self-Assessment User Guide: Overview and guide for completion of the Pharmacy Safety Self-Assessment (PSSA), which community pharmacies were required to complete for the first time by December 31, 2021.