Jurisprudence, Ethics and Professionalism Exam

First approved: June 2021


Reviewed: May 2023


This policy defines the Jurisprudence, Ethics and Professionalism Exam approved as the assessment in pharmaceutical jurisprudence, ethics and professionalism for pharmacist applicants and pharmacy technician applicants.

Exam Blueprint

The exam is based on an examination blueprint that has been approved by the Registration Committee. It assesses a candidate’s knowledge of federal and provincial legislation affecting pharmacy practice in Ontario and the Code of Ethics as part of the “Ethical, Legal and Professional Responsibilities” competency from the Professional Competencies for Canadian Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians at Entry-to-Practice.


The exam is a computer-based test administered by a third party. It is offered onsite in testing centres or online by remote proctoring. The multiple-choice question format, content and testing platforms for each exam delivery are consistent.


The exam is offered in English or French as requested by the candidate with their application.


Candidates for the exam must:

  • Have met the education requirement to register as a pharmacist or pharmacy technician, or
  • Be registered in good standing as a licensed pharmacist or pharmacy technician in Canada if applying for registration in Ontario
Application Process

To apply for the exam, candidates must submit the application provided by the College. Candidates who require testing accommodations must submit a request with their exam application for consideration according to the Guidelines for Testing Accommodations.

Day of the Exam

Candidates must abide by the protocols set by the third party contracted to administer the exam. Information about this is provided on the College’s website, in the exam confirmation materials and by the third party vendor.

If a candidate wishes to file an appeal based on procedural issues that were not satisfactorily resolved during the exam administration, the Jurisprudence, Ethics and Professionalism Exam Administration Appeals policy outlines this process.

Limit on Number of Re-Attempts

Candidates may only take the exam three times in any 24-month period. A candidate who has failed the exam is provided with a performance profile. After their third unsuccessful attempt, the candidate is required to follow up with a registration advisor for guidance on remediation. The candidate will not be able to attempt the exam again until 24 months after the date of the first of three unsuccessful attempts.

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