Jurisprudence Examination Administration Appeals

First approved: October 2011

Revised: November 2016

Reviewed: November 2019

The College tries to ensure that Jurisprudence Examination sites meet specific criteria with respect to a quiet and appropriate exam environment. This policy outlines how administrative appeals on the Jurisprudence Exam will be managed.


A Jurisprudence Exam candidate may file an appeal based on examination administration conditions that were not resolved to his or her satisfaction before or during the examination. Such appeals do not apply to the content or methodology of the examination.


If a candidate experiences less than optimal conditions during the administration of the examination, the candidate should bring any concerns about the administration of the examination to an invigilator’s attention before or during the examination process. In large examination sites, such concerns should be referred to the lead invigilator.


Prior to leaving the examination room, the candidate wishing to file an appeal must complete and submit a written report using the approved form. The candidate’s report will identify the reason(s) for the appeal request, including the details of the condition(s) considered by the candidate to have had a negative effect on his or her performance, and how the issue was addressed by the (lead) invigilator.


The invigilator who addressed the candidate’s concerns will add a description of the incident to the appeal form, including the steps taken to address the concerns raised by the candidate. The invigilator will immediately submit the report to the College.

College Staff

College staff will gather additional information as necessary, and review with the (lead) invigilator how any relevant processes and procedures were followed if required.

Decision criteria

This policy is only applicable where the condition(s) cited by the candidate:

  1. Would reasonably affect the candidate’s performance on the examination;
  2. Can be confirmed by the (lead) invigilator or other independent means; and
  3. Could reasonably be resolved by the (lead) invigilator.
Possible outcomes

Successful Appeal

If the appeal is granted, the candidate will be given a “No Standing” on the examination administration. The candidate will be allowed to take the following examination at no cost.

Unsuccessful Appeal

If it is confirmed that appropriate measures were taken by the invigilator(s) when the candidate raised his or her concerns, no further action will be taken. The candidate’s result on the examination will stand.