Program Resources and Updates

AIMS Data:

The College has developed an interactive tool that allows pharmacy teams and other stakeholders to view aggregate, anonymous medication safety data available through the AIMS program.

Reports and Bulletins
Training Resources
  • AIMS Program e-Training
    Community pharmacy staff must complete the six e-Learning modules that introduce the AIMS Program and provide information on the expectations for pharmacy professionals and on how to use the AIMS Pharmapod platform. The modules take less than one hour to complete. Effective implementation of the AIMS Program into a pharmacy requires all pharmacy staff to have a full understanding of the program and how to use the tools available on the platform. After completing each module, registrants can print a certificate of completion to confirm they have reviewed the content. This certificate of completion may be kept for your own records and does not need to be submitted to the College.
  • Pharmacy Safety Self-Assessment User Guide
    Overview and guide for completion of the Pharmacy Safety Self-Assessment (PSSA), which the pharmacy must complete for the first time by December 31, 2021.
Medication Incident Resources
  • Dispensing Error Incident Form
    Pharmacy professionals must use the AIMS platform to record medication events and can use the pharmacy-level fields to record identifiable information (i.e. prescription number, prescriber name, staff involved) for internal purposes in addition to the mandatory fields. The College does not have access to any of the pharmacy level fields. The Dispensing Error Incident Form is provided for pharmacies who may have need of another printable format to record details of a medication incident for internal purposes.
Pharmacy Connection Articles Related to AIMS
Background and Briefing Notes
About the AIMS logo

A new visual identity the College’s medication safety program, Assurance and Improvement in Medication Safety (AIMS) Program includes subtle references to the four aims of the program: Recording, documenting, analyzing, and sharing. The first and last letters, with a stylized treatment in colour, are a tribute to Andrew Sheldrick whose tragic passing has brought important public and professional attention to the need for medication error reporting in pharmacies throughout the country.

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