Loyalty Points Programs


Published: July 2004

College Contact: Pharmacy Practice

  1. Bonus points, loyalty points or air miles may not be awarded on prescriptions, prescription services, or other professional services related to the practice of pharmacy in Ontario.
  2. Points may not be redeemed, or used as legal tender, for the purchase of prescriptions.
  3. Prescriptions, prescription services, or other professional pharmacy services may be paid by a major credit card that is linked to awards, loyalty points or air miles through special agreements with financial institutions, except where directly or indirectly, a special gift, bonus, or other inducement is offered for prescriptions, prescription services or other professional pharmacy services.
  4. This policy does not affect the College’s current position respecting pharmacies and parking charges. Pharmacies that reimburse parking charges (for a client who is having a prescription filled) are not in violation of current regulations (professional misconduct), as long as such reimbursement is not advertised.