Upcoming Changes to the College’s Registration and Quality Assurance Processes

The Ministry of Health has approved changes to the General regulation under the Pharmacy Act that impact the College’s registration and quality assurance processes. The changes below will come into effect October 1, 2024.

Changes related to registration include:

  • Elimination of the pharmacy student class of registration. This aligns with the practice of other health professions where students do not register with their regulatory body but rather practice under supervision based on authority laid out in the Regulated Health Professions Act. 
  • Creation of an intern technician class of registration so that pharmacy technician graduates can register with the College and practice under supervision while they complete their final entry-to-practice requirements.
  • Introduction of the two-part register for pharmacy technicians. Part A for those who provide patient care and Part B for those who do not provide patient care.
  • Requirement to complete education requirements (or Part 1 and 2 of the PEBC Qualifying Exam), language proficiency, the Jurisprudence, Ethics and Professionalism exam, and a practice-based assessment all within two years before submitting an application to be registered as a pharmacist or pharmacy technician.

Changes related to quality assurance include:

  • Requirement for Part A pharmacy technicians to participate in the College’s Quality Assurance Program.
  • Elimination of the requirement for Part A registrants to practice 600 hours within three years. Instead, Part A registrants will need to self-declare annually that they have maintained competence to practice and undergo an assessment of competence when selected.
  • Introduction of risk-based selection criteria for practice assessments (Part A registrants only).

Leading up to October 1, 2024, the College will be reaching out to the groups affected by these changes. This page will continue to be updated with resources and FAQs.

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Table: Understanding Upcoming Changes to Registration and Quality Assurance Processes 

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