The following articles have been republished from the College’s quarterly magazine, Pharmacy Connection

Administering Injections

Article – Pharmacists Now Authorized to Administer Additional Vaccines (Winter 2017)

Article – 5 Things to Know About Administering Vaccines (Winter 2017)

Vaccine Medication Incidents in the Community (ISMP) (Winter 2016)

Protecting the Cold Chain (Part II) (Winter 2013)

Protecting the Cold Chain (Part I) (Spring 2012)

Close-up On Complaints

Leaving a Pharmacy Unattended (Summer 2019)

Inherent Risks of Copying a Prescription (Winter 2019)

Effective Communication Benefits Staff And Patients (Fall 2018)

Considering All Relevant Circumstances In Decision Making (Summer 2018)

A Fundamental Duty to Put the Patient’s Wellbeing First (Spring 2018)

Protecting Patient Privacy (Winter 2018)

Taking Appropriate Care When Handling Opioid Prescriptions (Fall 2017)

Ensuring the Appropriate Therapy for the Appropriate Patient (Summer 2017)

Avoiding Actual or Perceived Conflicts of Interest in Business Dealings (Spring 2017)

A Shared Responsibility for Ethical and Effective Pharmacy Services (Winter 2017)

Pharmacy Technicians – Professional Responsibilities and Standards of Practice (Fall 2016)

Ethical Consideration and Clear and Transparent Communication Key when Offering Professional Pharmacy Services (Summer 2016)

Medication Reconciliation Key in Transfer of Care (Spring 2016)

Dealing with Dispensing Errors: How Effective Communications Can Help
(Winter 2016)

The Importance of Sensitivity & Communication (Fall 2015)

Systematic Dispensing Error (Spring 2015)

Close-up On Discipline

Sexual Abuse of a Patient (Summer 2016)


Quality and Safety in Compounding Non-Sterile Preparations (Spring 2012)

Focus on Error Prevention

 Be Aware of Incorrect Auto-Population Instructions (Summer 2019)

Exercise Caution When Dispensing Combination Drug Products (Winter 2019)

Don’t Ignore Computerized Drug Utilization Warnings (Fall 2018)

Failure to Accurately Process Information (Spring 2018)

Similar Packaging (Spring 2018)

Calculation Errors (Winter 2018)

Patient Identity (Fall 2017)

Identical Drug Identification Numbers (Summer 2017)

Limited Duration of Therapy (Winter 2017)

Determining the Clinical Purpose of a Prescription(Summer 2016)

New Drug Therapy (Winter 2016)

Errors Involving Oral Methotrexate (Fall 2015)

Visual, Hearing or Cognitive Impairment Medications (Summer 2015)

Vaccines (Spring 2014)

Logged Prescriptions (Fall 2013)

Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE)(Winter 2013)


Implementing the Safe Handling of Oral Anti-Cancer Drugs (OACD) in Community Pharmacies (Summer 2017)

Supporting Continuity of Care for Cancer Patients (Spring 2015)

Language of Regulation (Winter 2014)

Ontario’s Physician Assistants: An Update (Fall 2014)

Mandatory Reporting (Summer 2013)

Common Principles for Interprofessional Care (Spring 2013)

Infection Control for Regulated Professional: Pharmacists’ Edition (February 2013)

Professional Judgment (Fall 2012)

Avoiding Pharmacy Break-ins (November 2009)

Reporting Adverse Reactions to Vaccines and Medications

Medication Incidents and Reconciliation

Coroner’s Report: High-Risk Patients & High-Risk Medications (Spring 2016)

Dispensing Errors Protocol (March 1995)

Handling Dispensing Errors (March 1995)


Buprenorphine for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence (Winter 2014)

Narcotics Monitoring System & Opioid Maintenance Treatment (Winter 2014)

Importance of Missed Doses in Methadone Maintenance Treatment (MMT)

(Fall 2013)

Crystal Meth Advisory (September 2005)

Pharmacy Technicians

Making Everyone Better (Fall 2014)

Different Setting, Shared Rewards (Winter 2013)

Pharmacists and Technicians are Teaming up in Ontario Communities (Winter 2012)

Hospital Takes Lead in Regulated Technicians (Summer 2012)

Integration of Pharmacy Technicians Allows for Greater Clinical Focus (Spring 2012)

Prescription Information & Labelling

Keeping Current with Drug Scheduling Changes (Summer 2015)

Compliance Packaging (Part II) (Winter 2011)

Compliance Packaging (Part I) (July 2010)

Logged Prescriptions ≠ Refill Prescriptions (March 2008)
What Would You Do?

View the Framework for Ethical Decision Making and other Code of Ethics resources

A Patient’s Request for Renewal (Spring 2018)

An Opioid Prescription Raises Questions (Fall 2017)