Police Background Check at Registration for All Applicants

First approved: July 2017

Revised: June 2021

Reviewed: May 2023


This policy defines the types of acceptable police background checks that applicants for any certificate of registration must provide to meet the good character registration requirement.


The College will accept any one of the following, completed no more than six months prior to application for a certificate of registration:

  • An Enhanced Police Information Check (E-PIC) obtained online through an OCP-approved third party service provider;
  • A Police Information Check (PIC) obtained at the applicant’s local Canadian police station; or
  • A Police Vulnerable Sector Check (VS) obtained at the applicant’s local police station.

The applicant will submit an approved police background check. College staff will review it to ensure the registration requirement has been met.

Decision Criteria

The applicant will have met the police background check portion of the good character requirement if:

  • The police background check was conducted no more than six months before submitting an application for a certificate of registration with the College; and
  • The police background check reveals no positive findings.
Possible Outcomes

Police background check is accepted and has no findings
College staff will validate this requirement in the applicant’s profile.

Police background check is not accepted or has positive findings

College staff will request a current police background check (if it was completed more than six months prior) and/or additional information. If the police check reveals positive findings, the application will be referred to a panel of the Registration Committee.

Legislative Reference

College Contact: registrantservices@ocpinfo.com