Learning Portfolio

The Learning Portfolio is a tool that assists registrants in planning and documenting their learning activities. The Learning Portfolio Tool, available online through My Learning (CPD Portal), consists of four sections:

  1. Education Action Plan
  2. Continuing Education (CE) Log
  3. FAQ Log
  4. Professional Profile

All registrants of the College, whether electing into Part A or Part B, are expected to engage in continuing professional development and maintain a record of their learning. Registrants may use the Learning Portfolio available through CPD Portal; however, any method of filing or recording one’s continuous learning activities is acceptable as long as it is current.

Registrants are required to retain their learning portfolio records and supporting documents for a minimum period of five years.

To access Learning Portfolio Tool:

  1. Login to My Learning
  2. Your User Name is your OCP number
  3. Your Password is your date of birth in the following format MMDDYY (use numbers only). For example, if your birth date is September 14, 1980 your password would be 091480. (Note: your password can be changed once you have logged in)
  4. Click on “Learning Portfolio”

For those who can not access My Learning, a Word version of the Learning Portfolio is available to download.