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  • Non-Sterile Compounding Phase 3 Deadline is January 1, 2022
  • Supporting Vaccination Efforts
  • Boosting Mental Health
  • Public Register Update: Signing Authority for Controlled Substances
  • Three Months until Mandatory PSSA Deadline
  • Existing Emergency Assignment Registration Extended; No New Applications Being Accepted
  • Truth and Reconciliation Week
  • Board Reaffirms College’s Current Strategic Plan and Other Meeting Highlights
  • Remote Practice Assessments to Continue in 2022
  • Pharmacy Technicians and Injection Restrictions
  • Focus on Error Prevention: Patient Misidentification
  • Advisory on Ivermectin
  • COVID-19 – Patient Education a Key Role for Pharmacists
  • Pharmacy Renovations
  • Provider Experience Indicators Consultation
  • PharmacyConnection.ca Arriving in Your Inbox
  • Board Election Results
  • Pharmacy Connection Goes Digital
  • Implementation of Non-Sterile Compounding Standards
  • Practice Assessments for Pharmacists in Hospitals, Long-Term Care and Family Health Teams
  • Continuity of Care for Patients Receiving Compounded Preparations
  • Reminder: Technology Use and Therapeutic Checks
  • Emergency Assignment Registration Certificates Renewed for 60 Days
  • Voting Open for the 2021 Board Elections
  • Section 56 Exemption Extension
  • Provider Experience Indicators Consultation
  • Protecting the Cold Chain Guideline
  • Voting Now Open for the 2021 Board Elections
  • FAQs Support Recent Policy Additions
  • Community Pharmacy Safety Self-Assessment (PSSA): A Systems Approach to Patient Safety
  • Avoiding Confirmation Bias
  • Reminder: Clinical Viewers Now Available to All Community Pharmacies