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  • Board Approves Amendments to Allow Emergency Assignment Registration Certificates
  • COVID-19 Guidance from the Ministry of Health: Testing of Asymptomatic Persons in Pharmacies
  • Non-Sterile Compounding Webinar Recording
  • Reminder: Be Alert For Fraudulent Prescriptions
  • e-Training Modules Support Effective Implementation of the AIMS Program in Community Pharmacies
  • Focus on Error Prevention: Selection of an Incorrect Drug During Computer Order Entry
  • Documentation is Key to Continuity of Care
  • Board Election Results
  • Mandatory AIMS e-Training
  • Did You Complete our e-Connect and Pharmacy Connection Survey Yet? Help Shape Future Editions of These Important Publications
  • Supporting Medication Safety: The Pharmacy Safety Self-Assessment
  • Virtual Engagement Topics: Share Your Thoughts
  • Email Update
  • UIIP Resources
  • Non-Sterile Compounding Webinar
  • e-Connect and Pharmacy Connection: Provide Your Feedback Today
  • 2020 Board Election Underway
  • COVID-19 Testing in Pharmacies
  • Gearing Up for Flu Season
  • Ontario Announces COVID-19 Testing to Begin at Participating Pharmacies
  • Community Practice Environment Survey
  • Making Mental Health a Priority for Pharmacy Professionals
  • Introducing Practice Assessments for Pharmacists in Hospital and Other Healthcare Facilities
  • Guidance for Influenza Vaccine Delivery in the Presence of COVID-19
  • Are You Taking Advantage of OCP’s Practice Tools
  • Practice Insight: Providing Respectful, Patient-Focused Care
  • Calling for Volunteers to Serve on College Committees
  • Changes to the College’s Jurisprudence Exam