What You Should Expect When You Visit Your Pharmacy

As a patient, you are entitled to a high standard of care. Knowing what you should expect next time you go to your pharmacy will help you get the most out of your experience and support your health goals.

When you visit your pharmacy, you should expect:

  • To be treated fairly and with dignity and respect. Pharmacy professionals are important members of your healthcare team and it’s key that you feel supported and respected in your interactions with them
  • Pharmacy staff to protect your personal health information. Pharmacy professionals have an obligation to keep your information safe and secure at all times
  • That your pharmacist will speak with you in a private or quiet area of the pharmacy to discuss your health and medications, if requested. This can support an open discussion between you and your pharmacist about your health needs
  • To be able to ask your pharmacist questions and to feel comfortable asking him or her to schedule more time with you to address any questions you may have. As a medication expert, your pharmacist can help you understand all of the medications you’ve been prescribed and how to take them properly
  • To be able to speak with your pharmacist or the pharmacy manager about any concerns you may have. Your experience at the pharmacy is important to everyone and good communication helps