Health Profession Corporations

Under the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 and the Business Corporations Act, 1990, registrants of the College may establish a Health Profession Corporation, provided they obtain a Certificate of Authorization from the College.

This provision is intended to level the playing field for all health professionals, some of whom had previously been able to benefit from some tax relief. Unlike other corporations, health profession corporations have several restrictions in respect to shareholding, naming and nature of business.

Initial Applications

Before applying for a Certificate of Authorization from the College, registrants must first incorporate with the Ministry of Government Services. All relevant legislation, regulations and by-laws related to the incorporation of regulated health professionals is provided in the links below and should be reviewed before proceeding with an application.

The application for a Certificate of Authorization must be submitted to the College with all required supporting documentation, signatures and the initial application fee.

Annual Renewals

A Certificate of Authorization must be renewed with the College annually, on or before March 10th. In January of each year, the College notifies directors of health profession corporations by email of the requirement to renew their Certificate of Authorization by completing the annual renewal form and submitting it to the College with a current Corporation Profile Report for the corporation and the annual renewal fee.