File a Complaint

Before You File a Complaint

What to know:

  • We encourage you to talk directly with your pharmacist and/or the Designated Manager of the pharmacy to address your concern before making a complaint.
  • You also have the option of reporting information, instead of making a complaint. Learn more on the Complaints & Reports page.
  • We understand that you may be feeling angry, upset, or frustrated, but please communicate with College staff in a respectful manner so we can help you.
  • We use the term “registrant” below to describe pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.


  We can investigate:   We cannot:
  • Unprofessional conduct
  • Inadequate care
  • Failure to meet standards of practice
  • Dispensing issues
  • Unethical business practices
  • Billing issues
  • Confidentiality, mishandling of personal information
  • Sexual abuse and boundary violations
  • Award compensation
  • Direct how fees are set
  • Request or direct an apology from the registrant
  • Process anonymous complaints or investigate without notifying the registrant
  • Investigate complaints about other healthcare providers