Structured Practical Training

COVID-19 Notice

SPT preceptors and pharmacy technician applicants should follow their pharmacy site’s policies (e.g., mandatory vaccination) and physical distancing public health guidelines to protect their patients, their colleagues and themselves.

SPT preceptors are frontline pharmacy practitioners whose first priority is providing care for their patients while safeguarding themselves, their staff and their patients. Not all pharmacy technicians and pharmacists who have undergone the screening and training processes to become a SPT preceptor are currently available.

The pharmacy technician applicant’s patience and understanding regarding limitations related to the COVID-19 pandemic are appreciated.

If you are a pharmacist applicant, please see the College’s Practice Assessment of Competence at Entry (PACE).

Structured Practical Training (SPT) is the practice-based training requirement for registration as a pharmacy technician in Ontario. The SPT Program allows pharmacy technician applicants to develop their competence and demonstrate their readiness for practice in Ontario by:

  • Applying the knowledge and skills learned in the academic setting and in previous work settings to actual patients and situations
  • Establishing collaborative relationships with other health care professionals
  • Improving professional judgment through experience
  • Refining communication and problem-solving skills
  • Gaining new knowledge and understanding of pharmacy practice issues in Ontario
  • Developing self-assessment skills on the road to life-long learning

The program is completed under the supervision of a qualified preceptor.


For an overview of the SPT Program please review:

Full-time SPT requires 35 hours of practise per week for a minimum of 12 weeks. Two
part-time models are also available.

Throughout SPT, pharmacy technician applicants complete structured activities and reflect on their performance through self-assessments as they proceed through the program. The assessments are also completed by the preceptor to document the pharmacy technician applicant’s progress and highlight areas for further development. Both the activities and assessments were developed to reflect the National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities (NAPRA)
Professional Competencies for Canadian Pharmacy Technicians at Entry to Practice.

Expiry & Validity Dates

The practice-based training requirements for registration as a pharmacy technician must have been met within the two years before applying to ensure that the practitioner will practise safely.


Resolutions and Policies

OCP Council has approved two resolutions regarding SPT. The Registration Committee has approved four policies related to SPT.