Supporting Documentation for Registration

The following documentation must be submitted to complete pre-registration as these documents are necessary for your registration as a student, intern, pharmacist or pharmacy technician.

You must submit a notarized* photocopy or original of the documentation listed below when you pre-register.

You may submit your documentation using one of the methods below:

  1. You may obtain a notarized* photocopy and submit a scan of the document via email to Note that each document must be notarized;
  2. You may bring original documentation in-person to the OCP offices. OCP staff will scan and certify your documents.
  3. For translated documents only (e.g. transcripts), original documents must be mailed to:
    Ontario College of Pharmacists
    483 Huron Street
    Toronto, ON M5R 2R4

*Tracking service is highly recommended for mailed items.
*The College is not responsible for lost mailed items, retain a copy for your personal records prior to mailing your original documents to OCP.
* It is suggested that you either scan the documents and save screen shots as PDF, or take a picture and save as JPEG (picture) no zipped files and no hyperlinked documents to cloud spaces or sites. Please ensure quality of picture is good clarity and reasonable size. There is a limit of 35MB per email.

If you have any questions about submitting your supporting documentation, please email

Evidence of Identity and Citizenship or Status in Canada
If you are a Canadian citizen:
  • valid Canadian passport, or
  • Canadian birth certificate, or
  • Canadian citizenship card (both sides), or
  • Canadian citizenship certificate
If you are a Non-Canadian citizen:
  • valid international passport and proof of status in Canada by one of the following:
    • Confirmation of Permanent Residence, or
    • Permanent Resident card, or
    • Valid Study Permit and/or Work Permit (valid work permit is required for Structured Practical Training)
Evidence of Name Change
If your current name is different from the name on your degree or certificate, you must provide either:
  • the original (or a notarized* copy) of your marriage certificate
  • legal change of name document
Evidence of Education

If you are currently enrolled in a CCAPP or ACPE-accredited pharmacy degree program and wish to register as a pharmacy student:

  • arrange to have your university directly notify OCP of your enrollment

if you have already graduated from a CCAPP or ACPE-accredited pharmacy program or a CCAPP-accredited pharmacy technician program, or have successfully completed one of the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada Evaluating Examinations:

  • submit the original or a notarized* copy of your degree or diploma certificate, or
  • arrange for a letter to be sent directly to OCP from your university or college certifying that you have been granted a pharmacy degree or pharmacy technician diploma

Otherwise (and if applicable) make a request to PEBC to provide OCP with confirmation of your document evaluation.

Evidence of Licensure in Good Standing

If you are licensed as a pharmacist or pharmacy technician in Canada outside of Ontario, you must arrange to have a current letter of good standing sent to the College from the pharmacy regulator of the other Canadian province or territory.

If you are currently or have ever been licensed anywhere as a pharmacist or pharmacy technician, you must provide:

  • a current letter from each licensing body verifying that you are/were licensed and have not committed any offences, or
  • make a request to PEBC to send a copy of letter(s) of standing that have been submitted to them
Evidence of English or French Language Proficiency

Students and graduates of pharmacy degree programs accredited by CCAPP or ACPE and graduates of pharmacy technician programs accredited by CCAPP are considered to have fulfilled OCP’s language proficiency requirement.

International pharmacy graduates must demonstrate that they understand, speak and write in either English or French with reasonable proficiency. For further information on how to fulfill OCP’s language proficiency requirement:

Note: The College recognizes there may be some individuals who are unable to obtain the documentation required to complete their registration application and has procedures in place to handle these situations. Individuals may arrange through Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada to have their documentation shared with the College. For documents also required by the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada, the College will accept the verification process used by the PEBC for individuals in this situation. Please contact Applications & Renewals at for more information about how to proceed with your application.
Access To College Records

As stated in Principle 9 of the College Privacy Code, where the College holds personal information about an individual, upon written request, the College shall allow access to the information to that individual, unless providing access could reasonably be expected to interfere with the administration or enforcement of the Legislation or it is impracticable or impossible for the College to retrieve the information.

The College will make every effort to respond to the request within thirty days and to assist the individual in understanding the information. Further details are available in the Privacy Code.

Individuals should send their written request for access, with contact information and sufficient information about themselves to identify them, to: Privacy Officer, Ontario College of Pharmacists, 483 Huron Street, Toronto, Ontario M5R 2R4.

*Notarized — all copies of original documents must be notarized by a Notary Public or a Commissioner of Oaths and Affidavits. Search the YellowPages for a Notary Public in your area.