Are you looking for a pharmacy that provides methadone services for opioid use disorder?

Any pharmacy may dispense methadone for opioid use disorder, however not all pharmacies in Ontario may have the training and resources in place to have these services available when you need them. When starting treatment, your prescriber or clinic will help you locate a pharmacy where methadone is dispensed. They can also assist if you need to change pharmacies at any point during treatment. In these situations especially, effective communication from the prescriber and collaboration with (and between) pharmacists is critical for patient safety and uninterrupted access to methadone treatment.

If you are looking to begin treatment for opioid use disorder, ConnexOntario is an information and referral service focusing on mental health and addiction services in the province that maintains a centralized, up-to-date database of treatment services. Contact them 24/7 via phone at 1-866-531-2600 or visit for more information and for email and online chat options.