Self-Assessment Tool

The Self-Assessment is a tool that assists registrants in identifying their learning needs (both those to maintain competency and those to advance professionally) and creating a plan for learning. The Self-Assessment Tool is also available online through My Learning (CPD Portal).

Every year, 20% of pharmacy technicians will be randomly selected to complete the Self-Assessment Tool. This means that every pharmacy technician will be selected to participate once in every five year cycle.

With the introduction of the knowledge assessment for pharmacists in 2022, the Self-Assessment for pharmacists in Part A of the Register will be voluntary.

Registrants who are randomly selected for this process are required to complete the Self-Assessment Tool and notify the College of completion within eight weeks. Although registrants are only required to complete the Self-Assessment once in every five year cycle, voluntarily completing the assessment on a yearly basis is encouraged.

The Self-Assessment Tool is available on-line as part of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Portal.

To access the Self-Assessment Tool:
  1. Login to My Learning
  2. Your User Name is your OCP number
  3. Your Password is your date of birth in the following format MMDDYY (use numbers only). For example, if your birth date is September 14, 1980 your password would be 091480. (Note: your password can be changed once you have logged in)
  4. Click on “Self-Assessment Tool”