Canadian Citizenship or Legal Status in Canada

All applicants must be legally entitled to live in Canada and to work in a pharmacy in Ontario according to the class of registration for which they are applying (e.g., pharmacy student, intern, pharmacist or pharmacy technician), and will be required to submit supporting documentation as evidence of their status. Anyone volunteering in a pharmacy must also have appropriate legal status.

Canadian citizens, permanent residents of Canada, and temporary foreign workers with a valid work permit meet this registration requirement. Temporary residents attending a pharmacy education program as an international student with a valid study permit should apply for and confirm their work permit status with Citizenship and Immigration Canada well in advance if they intend to work or volunteer in a pharmacy setting while they are studying or immediately after completing their education program. Please note that graduates of the University of Toronto’s International Pharmacy Graduate Program are not eligible for a work permit under the Government of Canada’s Post-Graduation Work Permit Program because the IPG Program is not a full time program that lasts at least eight months.

Applicants who have claimed refugee protection and are waiting for a decision by the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, and who have been granted a work permit meet this registration requirement.

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