Knowledge Assessment

The knowledge assessment is part of the multi-modal approach to quality assurance that has been adopted for pharmacists in all practice settings. Knowledge assessments are designed to ensure core current knowledge for those providing patient care (Part A of the register).

Grounded in the principles of quality assurance and continuous professional development, knowledge assessments promote life-long learning which is important to helping maintain competency throughout a registrant’s career. By being part of an integrated Quality Assurance program, knowledge assessments are highly relevant to a registrant’s growth and development as a regulated pharmacy professional and to the College’s duty to assure the public that pharmacy professionals possess the knowledge and skills necessary to provide quality care.

The knowledge assessment is based on the knowledge assessment blueprint and assesses key topics and competencies.

In order to achieve the objective of engagement, the knowledge assessment is intended to be low-stress and to help pharmacists either validate their knowledge or identify learning needs.

The assessment is an online, multiple choice question, open-book exam taken remotely from a home or workplace. Registrants will have access to resources and references of their choice and will be required to apply relevant information to make patient care decisions. Accessing appropriate resources reflects real practice where pharmacists are expected to use reliable, evidence-based and current references to support patient care.

A knowledge assessment for pharmacy technicians will be developed in the future.

Selection Criteria

All pharmacists in Part A of the Register will be selected to undergo the knowledge assessment approximately once every five years. These individuals will take the exam unproctored (i.e., there will be no direct supervision during the remote online assessment).

Part A pharmacists who have been unsuccessful at a practice reassessment or a knowledge reassessment, and Part B pharmacists requesting to move to Part A of the Register, will need to undergo the knowledge assessment online with a remote proctor.

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