Assistance for Registrants: Ontario Pharmacy Health Program

The Ontario Pharmacy Health Program (OPHP), administered by Lifemark Health, is a voluntary program available to all registrants of the College who are dealing with substance use and/ or mental health disorders, including work/ life stress. It is a specialized assessment and treatment program that addresses the unique needs of pharmacy professionals and helps registrants receive appropriate treatment and monitoring services and remain in stable recovery so they can practise safely when they return to the practice environment.

Registrants in the OPHP receive case management assistance, information and self-referral options, industry-leading assessment, treatment and disability management services, as well as assistance with staying at work and/or return to work. Registrants can benefit from direct or facilitated treatment interventions tailored to specific needs, evidence-based treatment and monitoring services, and more.

Registrants can access this program directly and remain anonymous to the College.

To learn more about OPHP and program goals and services, visit the Lifemark Health website. You can also read the Pharmacy Connection article, “Making Mental Health a Priority for Pharmacy Professionals” which addresses some frequently asked questions about the OPHP, including reasons why you might want to consider contacting the program.

Note: The program was previously administered on behalf of the College as the Ontario Pharmacy Support Program by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH). As CAMH no longer provides this service, Lifemark Health began administering the program on behalf of the College in 2019.