Remote Dispensing Location Assessments

Remote dispensing locations (RDL) are facilities where medications are dispensed or sold to the public. They are operated by a pharmacy whose certificate of accreditation permits its operation, but are not in the same location.

RDLs are assessed alongside an accredited community pharmacy as part of that pharmacy’s routine assessment.

Types of RDLs

There are two types of RDLs:

  1. A location that is staffed by a regulated pharmacy technician and supervised remotely by a pharmacist who is present at the accredited pharmacy
  2. An automated pharmacy system

RDLs using an automated pharmacy system must use technology that has been approved by the College Board (or submit the technology for Board approval before use). Currently, the Board has approved MedCentre as the only acceptable automated pharmacy system for use in Ontario.

All new RDLs are assessed before opening and as part of the routine assessment of their affiliated community pharmacy.