Resigning & Reinstating


There are a number of circumstances where you may wish to consider resigning from the College Register. Examples include retirement, parental leave or if you are relocating outside the province.

If you resign from the Register:

  • You are not permitted to practice pharmacy in the province of Ontario
  • You are not permitted to use the protected title of “pharmacist” or “pharmacy technician”
  • You are not obligated to pay your licensing fee or to purchase personal professional liability insurance
  • The College retains the ability to investigate allegations of professional misconduct and incompetence, if the alleged conduct occurred while you were still a registrant of the College. Any outstanding investigation matters will be noted for consideration upon a new application
  • The College has no jurisdiction to initiate inquiries into a registrant’s health or to continue with ongoing inquiries into a registrant’s health after a registrant has resigned from the College. Any outstanding inquiry into a former registrant’s health will be noted for consideration upon receipt of a new application by the former registrant

If you are considering resigning you are encouraged to do so before the annual registration renewal date (March 10 of each year).

How to resign

Send a resignation request email to

Reinstatement (within three years of the date of resignation)

If you are a former pharmacist or pharmacy technician registrant who was in good standing when you resigned, you may reapply for reinstatement if you:

Pharmacists are automatically reinstated into Part B of the Register. You may be reinstated into Part A of the Register if:

  • You were not in the process with the Quality Assurance Program prior to resignation
  • You performed at least 600 hours of patient-care in Canada or the United States during the three years immediately prior to the date of resignation
Reinstatement (three or more years from the date of resignation)

If you resigned from the Register more than three years ago you do not qualify for reinstatement. To practise in Ontario you must reapply and meet the registration requirements for new applicants. You will be required to write the Jurisprudence Exam and demonstrate currency of practice. As a former registrant, your education, PEBC examinations and practical training requirements would be considered met.

Reinstatement After Revocation

Read more about how to get reinstated after revocation.



Any pharmacist who has practiced continually in good standing in Ontario and/or other jurisdictions for at least 25 years can voluntarily resign from the Register and make an application for the Emeritus designation. Emeritus are not permitted to practice pharmacy in Ontario.

Be advised that as of March 10, 2022, applications for the Emeritus designation will no longer be accepted. The College’s mandate is to serve and protect the public interest. The public register is an important tool to promote transparency and public trust in the profession and regulation of pharmacy in the province. Information on the public register is posted in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations governing such information being made public in addition to accountability principles adopted by the College in the fulfillment of its fiduciary duty as a regulator. As such, following a review of the Pharmacist Emeritus designation and its relevance to the College’s mandate, the College will no longer grant the designation and post it on the public register.

For more information email or phone 416-962-4861 ext. 3400.