Language Proficiency Requirements at Registration for All Applicants

Approved: February 2016

Revised: November 2022

Reviewed: May 2023


This policy defines the language proficiency requirements approved by the Registration Committee that demonstrate the applicant’s ability to communicate and comprehend either English or French, both orally and in writing.


The College applies the language proficiency standards established by NAPRA.


An applicant will note on the application provided by the College:

  • If they are currently enrolled in or a graduate of a program accredited by the Canadian Council for the Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs (CCAPP) or a pharmacy degree program accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE)
  • If they are currently licensed as a pharmacist or pharmacy technician in another Canadian province, or
  • The name and date of the language proficiency test taken.

College staff will verify the applicant’s enrollment, graduation, licensure registration or language proficiency test results, and record or attach this information in the applicant’s file.

Language proficiency test scores are only valid for two years from the date of the test.

Decision Criteria

An applicant will have met the College’s language proficiency requirements if:

  • The applicant is a student or graduate of a pharmacy degree program that was accredited by the CCAPP or ACPE while the applicant was attending the program; or
  • The pharmacy technician applicant is a graduate of a CCAPP-accredited pharmacy technician program whose language proficiency admission criteria meets the NAPRA requirements for pharmacy technicians; or
  • The applicant submits current language proficiency test scores that meet the minimum acceptable scores as determined by NAPRA; or
  • The applicant submits current language proficiency test scores that fall below the minimum acceptable, applicable scores but are within the SEM as determined by NAPRA; or
  • The applicant is fully licensed or registered as a pharmacist or pharmacy technician in another Canadian province.
Possible Outcomes

Language proficiency requirements met:

The applicant will be registered provided all of the other registration requirements have been met.


Language proficiency requirements not met:

If applicable, the application could be considered under the criteria established in the College’s Non-Objective Evidence of Language Proficiency Policy or the Extending the Validity of Language Proficiency Test Scores Policy, or referred to a panel of the Registration Committee.

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