Quality Assurance Program

The Regulated Health Professions Act requires all regulated health professions in Ontario to have a quality assurance (QA) program. As described in the legislated objects of the College, the purpose of the QA program is not only to assure the public that healthcare professionals are competent to provide patient care, but also to contribute to individual and system-wide continuous quality improvement. The QA program is therefore a major component of the College’s role in protecting the public and promoting continued competency of registrants. The QA program uses complementary assessment modalities to evaluate practitioners’ practice against the standards of the profession. It ensures that pharmacy professionals maintain appropriate skills and knowledge throughout their career.

For pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, quality assurance is intended to:

  • Validate the things they are already doing well,
  • Help them identify areas for improvement in their practice to better support their patients, and
  • Support ongoing skill and knowledge development at all levels of their career.

Registrants must participate in the QA program when asked to do so. For pharmacists, participation is based on their registration in Part A or Part B of the Register.