Quality Assurance Program

The Quality Assurance Program protects the public by assessing pharmacy professionals to help ensure they maintain appropriate skills and knowledge throughout their career and are practicing to the standards of the profession. The program consists of four components:

  • Learning portfolio
    All pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are required to participate in continuing professional development and maintain a learning portfolio.
  • Self-assessment
    All pharmacists in Part A of the Register are required to do the self-assessment once in every five-year cycle, upon random selection. Pharmacy technicians are selected once in every five-year cycle to complete a self-assessment. Voluntary annual self-assessment is recommended.
  • Practice assessment
    All pharmacists in Part A of the Register and all pharmacy technicians are required to undergo a practice assessment when selected (approximately every four to six years). The practice assessment focuses on the processes used to deliver patient care in their place of practice through conversation with a College practice advisor.
  • Knowledge assessment
    Beginning in 2022, pharmacists in Part A of the Register are required to undergo a knowledge assessment when selected, approximately every five years. The knowledge assessment focuses on ethics, professionalism and patient care. It will be an online multiple choice question, open book exam taken remotely from a home or workplace. A knowledge assessment for pharmacy technicians will be developed in the future.

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