Complaints & Reports

There are several ways to let the College know if you have a concern about a pharmacy, pharmacist, pharmacy technician or registered pharmacy student or intern in Ontario. In order to best direct your concern please read the options below:

File a Complaint

If you are not satisfied with the care or services provided by a pharmacy or practitioner you may wish to file a formal complaint. Complaints must be received in writing and include as much detail as possible. The College investigates all written complaints and complainants are engaged throughout the process and receive notification of the outcome of the investigation.

Report Information

If you are not satisfied with the care or services provided by a pharmacy or practitioner, you can report information to the College. You will provide details of your concern and the name of the practitioner or pharmacy you are concerned about, as well as your full contact information. The College will assess your concern and take appropriate action. You may be contacted and asked to provide additional information. Generally, you will not be engaged in the process and you will not receive notification of the outcome.

Mandatory Reporting

Employers, facility operators and all regulated health professionals — including pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, registered students and interns — have a mandatory duty to report certain concerns as outlined in the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991. These concerns include suspicion of sexual abuse of a patient, professional misconduct, incapacity and incompetence.


A pharmacist, pharmacy technician, registered student or intern is required to file a self-report to the College if he or she has been found guilty of an offense or is the subject of a current investigation (except an investigation by the Ontario College of Pharmacists).


For assistance filing a written complaint or reporting information to the College, the Intakes Team can be reached at the coordinates below:

Phone: 416-962-4861 ext. 3800
Toll-free: 1-800-220-1921 ext. 3800
Fax: 416-847-8499