Practice Assessment of Competence at Entry (PACE) Administration Appeals

Approved: May 2016

Revised: June 2021

Reviewed: May 2023

The College has set criteria for approving both PACE assessors and practice sites. This policy outlines how administrative appeals on the Practice Assessment of Competence at Entry (PACE) will be managed.


A PACE candidate may file an appeal based on procedural issues that were not resolved to his or her satisfaction during the assessment period. Such appeals do not apply to the content or methodology of the assessment process.


If a situation develops during the assessment period that a candidate believes may impact his/her performance, the candidate should inform their assessor and/or College staff in Registration Programs immediately about their concerns. If the situation is not resolved before the end of the assessment period, the candidate may file an appeal by completing the PACE Incident Report provided to candidates upon request and submitting it to the College. The PACE Incident Report must be submitted immediately upon completion of the assessment period. The candidate’s report will identify the details of the procedural issue(s) considered by the candidate to have had an impact on his/her performance, and how the issue was addressed by the assessor. College staff will review the report and gather additional information as necessary, and review if and how any relevant processes were followed and the concerns were addressed.

Decision Criteria

This policy is only applicable where the condition(s) cited by the candidate:

  1. Would reasonably affect the candidate’s performance;
  2. Could not reasonably be resolved by the assessor and/or College Staff during the assessment process
  3. Can be confirmed through relevant processes and documentation
Possible Outcomes

Successful Appeal

If the appeal is granted, the candidate will be permitted to complete an assessment with another assessor at the earliest opportunity.

Unsuccessful Appeal

If it is confirmed that appropriate measures were taken when the candidate raised the concerns and the incident could not have reasonably affected the candidate’s performance, the candidate’s assessment results will stand.

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