SPT Conflict of Interest

Approved: November 2012

Revised: June 2021

Reviewed: May 2023

The relationship between a preceptor and their pharmacy technician applicant must allow for a fair, objective, impartial and transparent assessment of the applicant’s performance to ensure that the applicant has demonstrated their competency and ability to practise safely and effectively. This policy defines when and how an applicant may complete their Structured Practical Training (SPT) in a practice site where the applicant has a familial relationship.

Any potential conflict of interest or bias must be initially disclosed by the applicant and the proposed preceptor to determine if further consideration or monitoring is needed before the training may begin. Failure to disclose any actual or perceived conflict of interest or bias may result in a referral to a panel of the Registration Committee. In the case of an undeclared conflict of interest, a panel has the authority to decide that the applicant must redo their SPT under a preceptor who meets the SPT Preceptor Criteria, and to restrict the initial pharmacy technician or pharmacist preceptor from acting as a future preceptor.

An applicant who discloses a familial relationship at the proposed SPT practice site prior to the start of their training, and where the relationship is not directly with the proposed preceptor, may be allowed to complete their SPT under the supervision of that preceptor at the discretion of College staff.


The applicant and proposed preceptor must disclose on the application any potential conflict of interest or bias. The applicant, proposed preceptor and the applicant’s family member who is a member of the pharmacy staff at the proposed practice site will be asked to provide additional information to assist in deciding if this policy may be applied. College staff will review the application and supporting material to decide whether the relationship would be considered a conflict of interest or bias, and if that conflict of interest or bias can be managed by specific monitoring of the rotation. A notation of the application of this policy will be recorded on the applicant’s file. The applicant will be notified of the outcome within five to 10 business days.

Decision criteria

This policy is only applicable where:

  1. The reported conflict of interest relates to a familial relationship between the applicant and another member of the pharmacy staff;
  2. The familial relationship is not between the applicant and the proposed preceptor;
  3. All relevant parties have clearly acknowledged their awareness of the process they will follow to minimize the potential impact of the conflict of interest or bias on the proposed training and assessment; and
  4. A registration advisor will be able to closely monitor the training, and have regular direct contact with both the applicant and proposed preceptor.
Possible Outcomes

Decision criteria are met

The applicant will be allowed to complete his or her training under the supervision of the proposed preceptor. The applicant and preceptor will be required to comply with any monitoring requirements requested by the registration advisors to ensure the training is carried out in a manner that provides for fair, objective, impartial and transparent assessment.

Decision criteria are not met

The applicant and the preceptor may request further consideration by a panel of the Registration Committee. The panel may request additional information from the parties.


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