Annual Renewal for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians

All Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians (not applicable to students and interns):

You are required to renew your registration each year through the College’s annual renewal process using the online services portal. The renewal period opens in late January and must be completed on or before March 10 every year. You are highly encouraged to complete the annual renewal process well in advance of the March 10 deadline to ensure you meet the deadline.

Once the online services portal is open, you will be notified through College communication channels.

If you wish to resign from the College during the annual renewal period and not pay the annual renewal fee, you must resign before March 10 using the online services portal.

Pharmacists cannot move between Part A and Part B of the Register through the annual renewal portal. Instead, you need to notify the College of your intention to move and the effective date for this change. Please see Moving Between the Two Parts of the Register for more information about this process. Notice of your plans to move to Part B should be sent to the College well before March 10th in order to renew into Part B of the register and remit the lower Part B annual renewal fee.

Technology Requirements

When the annual renewal process becomes available, please ensure you complete the process using a desktop or laptop computer. The annual renewal process is not compatible with mobile phones. Also, ensure you are using the most up to date version of either Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Chrome or Firefox, and that you have installed Acrobat Reader on your computer. If you wish to print confirmation of completion, please ensure your printer can print from your web browser prior to starting your annual renewal process.

Annual Renewal Process

The annual renewal process consists of:

  1. An information renewal portion, and
  2. Payment of all annual renewal fees.

To initiate your annual renewal process, login to the online services portal and access the “Annual Renewal” menu item. The only options available to you when renewing your registration are to renew or resign.

If your annual renewal fee is to be paid by your employer or someone else, it is still your responsibility to ensure it is received by the College on or before March 10. To check if your payment has been received, select the “Financial” menu in your online account to access your proof of payment or tax receipt.

Failure to Renew Before the March 10 Deadline – Penalty Fees, Cancellation and Suspension If you do not complete your annual renewal process (including payment) by the March 10 deadline, you must cease practicing until you have renewed. Furthermore, you will be subject to the following schedule of penalties:

  • March 11 – April 9 – Penalty for failure to pay renewal fee within 30 days is applied
  • April 10 – Penalty for failure to pay renewal fee for 31 days or more is applied

After April 10, if the annual renewal has not been completed, you will receive a 30-day Notice of Suspension advising that in 30 days, you will be suspended for non-payment. Failure to complete the annual renewal within 120 days of being suspended will result in your registration being cancelled for non-payment. Please refer to the schedule of fees for additional fees that will be applied under these circumstances.

All suspensions and cancellations become part of your registration history which is posted on the Public Register.

Annual Renewal if Currently Suspended

If you are currently subject to a suspension through the Discipline Committee, you are still required to complete the annual renewal process and are subject to late payment penalties in addition to your current suspension.