Personal Professional Liability Insurance

COVID 19 Notice

Some insurance policies may only provide coverage for administering the COVID-19 vaccine at the registrant’s usual pharmacy practice site. Since every insurance provider’s coverage differs, registrants should check with their insurance provider to confirm that their current policy covers them wherever they may be practising. Registrants may also want to check with the vaccine clinic, hospital or other organization that has engaged them to administer the vaccine for liability coverage provided by that organization.

Also, intern-level (or student-level) insurance policies and some non-Ontario insurance policies may not provide sufficient coverage for emergency assignment or “EA” registration. Interns (and students) and out-of-province pharmacists/pharmacy technicians should check with their insurance provider to confirm that their current policy will cover them if they wish to apply for EA registration.

If a registrant’s current insurance policy does not cover them for practising as allowed by recent regulatory changes beyond the scope of their certificate of registration and/or in a clinic, hospital setting or as an independent contractor, they must first obtain appropriate coverage.

First approved: December 2011

College Contact: Applications & Renewals

In accordance with the College By-Law, all registrants engaged in the practice of pharmacy, including Students, Interns, Pharmacists (in Part A) and Pharmacy Technicians, are required to maintain personal professional liability insurance coverage. Following you will find the By-Law itself along with questions and answers that further clarify the intent of the By-Law and the language contained therein.

Note: When applying for a certificate of registration, all applicants will be required to complete a declaration confirming that they have obtained and will maintain personal professional liability insurance as specified in the By-Law while registered with the College.

College By-Law, Article 3, Registration with the College

Pharmacy Technicians, registered pharmacy students, interns and pharmacists who are listed in Part A of the Register must maintain personal professional liability insurance as follows:

3.1.1 Limit of Liability. The policy of insurance must contain limits of a minimum of $2,000,000 per claim or per occurrence and $4,000,000 in the annual aggregate.

3.1.2 Definition of Insured Services. The definition of Insured Services under the policy must include all professional services in the practice of pharmacy as regulated by the College.

3.1.3 Retroactive Date. The policy must not contain a retroactive date and must provide for full prior acts protection.

3.1.4 Extended Reporting Period (ERP). If the policy is a “claims made” policy, it must contain an extended reporting period provision for a minimum of three years.

3.1.5 Personal Professional Liability Insurance Coverage. The policy must be issued in the name of the individual registrant and provide that registrant with mobility and coverage wherever in Ontario that registrant practises.

3.1.6 Legal Defence Payments. Legal defence payments for regulatory proceedings or other legal proceedings potentially afforded by a personal professional liability policy must not erode the minimum limits of liability under the policy.

3.2 Evidence of Insurance. A registrant shall, upon the request of the Registrar, provide proof satisfactory to the Registrar of professional liability insurance in the required amounts and form, and a copy of the registrant’s professional liability insurance policy.

College Contact: Please direct any questions to Applications & Renewals at; 416-962-4861, ext 3400 or 1-800-220-1921, ext. 3400.