Process for Pharmacists to Move from Part B to Part A

Part B pharmacists (do not provide patient care) wishing to move to Part A of the Register (provide patient care) must successfully undergo both a knowledge assessment and a practice assessment. These two assessments are the same evaluations that Part A pharmacists must successfully complete every four to six years when notified by the College to do so.

To begin the process to move from Part B to Part A, first notify OCP of your wish to do so by emailing OCP will then provide you with information and a link to schedule your online knowledge assessment with a remote proctor. Tips for preparing for the knowledge assessment can be found here.

If you wish to practise performing the controlled acts in a pharmacy before attempting your practice assessment, you must:

  • Complete and submit this form to notify OCP in writing of the name and address of your intended practice site, the name of the Part A pharmacist who will supervise your practice, and the anticipated start date for your practice preparation. Your practice preparation period can last up to six months. You may request another six months to practise without requiring approval by the Quality Assurance (QA) Committee.
  • Obtain personal professional liability insurance and, if you are volunteering your time, the required personal accident insurance (sometimes called accidental death and dismemberment or AD&D insurance). Pharmacy managers/owners or PACE assessors may require this personal accident insurance before allowing you to volunteer or be assessed in their pharmacy. Liability insurance providers or other insurance carriers may offer this additional type of insurance. OCP does not endorse any particular insurance carrier.

There are three practice assessment options available to you. Please review the three options listed below and notify OCP in writing at of your choice.

1. Practice assessment by a College practice advisor at practice site of your choice (3 hours)

i. When you are ready to undergo the practice assessment, notify OCP by emailing OCP staff will schedule the practice assessment at your practice site, based on the Practice Advisor availability. You will receive an email notifying you of the date and time, and additional information about the practice assessment.

ii. Prior to your practice assessment, gather several examples of your engagement in patient care at your practice site.

In a community practice setting this includes new and refill prescriptions, adaptations, renewals and medication reviews. You will need to share these examples with the Community Practice Advisor.

In a hospital or other healthcare facility practice setting (e.g., FHT, LTC) this includes a workup of newly admitted/rostered patients, new medication order reviews, provision of ongoing care, patient education/drug information and/or medication reconciliation. You will need to share these examples with the Hospital Practice Advisor.

You must complete your practice assessment during your six to 12-month practice preparation period as a Part B pharmacist.

2. Practice Assessment of Competence at Entry (PACE) at assessor’s practice site (3 weeks)

If you are ready to undergo assessment for re-entry to practise patient care independently as a pharmacist but do not have a site where you can undertake a practice assessment, contact OCP by email to

OCP staff will assign a PACE assessor and PACE assessment site based on your preferred geographic location and on assessor availability. You must complete your PACE during your six to 12-month practice preparation period as a Part B pharmacist.

3. PEBC’s Objective Structured Clinical Exam for Pharmacists (OSCE) (6 hours)

The Pharmacist OSCE is offered twice a year, in May and November, in multiple cities across Canada. Please complete the PEBC Non-Certification Qualifying Exam Application form.

You must complete both the knowledge assessment and your option for the practice assessment requirements within 12 months of notifying OCP of your intention to move to Part A.