Testing Accommodations in Practice Assessment of Competence at Entry (PACE)

Approved: March 2019

Revised: June 2021

Reviewed: May 2023

The Ontario Human Rights Code requires examination candidates to be provided testing accommodations in accordance with the Code to the point of “undue hardship”. This policy outlines how requests for testing accommodations in the College’s Practice Assessment of Competence at Entry (PACE) will be managed.


The College will apply its Guidelines for Testing Accommodation to PACE candidates with a documented disability in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code to the point of “undue hardship”.


A PACE candidate who seeks testing accommodation due to a disability must notify the College of their request when initiating their online PACE application. The candidate will be required to submit a written request as outlined in the Guidelines. It must be received by the College with no less than six weeks’ notice for a preferred PACE start date.

College staff will review the request and supporting documentation on a case-by-case basis to determine whether this policy can be applied and if reasonable testing accommodations can be provided. If testing accommodations are to be provided to the candidate, College staff will work with the candidate to identify a PACE assessor who agrees to provide the approved testing accommodations at their practice site. The College will provide the candidate with an acknowledgement of the agreement specifying the accommodations that will be provided.

The candidate will indicate their acceptance of the accommodation and PACE assessment arrangements by returning to the College a signed and dated copy of this agreement.  The online PACE application process will then continue for the candidate.

Decision Criteria

A PACE candidate’s request for testing accommodations will be accepted if the requirements outlined in the Guidelines are met.

Possible Outcomes

Guidelines are met
The candidate will be provided with reasonable testing accommodations in accordance with the terms of the Ontario Human Rights Code.

Guidelines are not met
The candidate will not be provided with testing accommodations.

Additional references

College Contact: regprograms@ocpinfo.com