OCP Guidelines for Testing Accommodations

These Guidelines outline how requests for accommodation will be considered for an OCP-administered exam or practice assessment due to a disability or impairment (temporary or permanent) that substantially limits life activities or has a direct impact on testing or assessment processes.


Requests for testing accommodations will be considered according to the following principles:

  1. Accommodations are provided in accordance with the terms of the Ontario Human Rights Code to the point of “undue hardship”.
  2. No changes to the content or construct of the exam or practice assessment will be made.
  3. Requests will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Individuals may require varying degrees of assistance.
  4. Information regarding an individual candidate and their request for testing accommodations is confidential and will not be shared or released outside of the College without the written consent of the candidate.
  5. Consideration for accommodations will be based on providing access to an exam or assessment to allow the candidate a fair opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and abilities required for the practice of pharmacy. Other factors that may be considered include the degree to which an accommodation negatively impacts other candidates and staff.
Grounds for Requesting Testing Accommodations

Functional limitations as a result of the following disabilities are considered:

  • Physical
  • Mental/Psychiatric
  • Hearing/Visual
  • Learning
  • Other
Types of Accommodations

The accommodations that may be provided include:

  • Additional time (for exam) or flexible part-time schedule (for practice assessments)
  • Private/semi-private or separate exam room
  • Assistive equipment or devices (e.g., wheelchair access, hearing aids)
  • Assistive technology (e.g., audio-taped exam, text to speech software)
  • Breaks (stopped clock) and/or rest periods
  • Food/drink (for medical reasons)

The College may assign an exam centre or practice assessment site where the approved accommodations can be offered depending on the nature and availability of the accommodations at a site.

Candidates for the Jurisprudence, Ethics and Professionalism exam are not required to submit a request for testing accommodations for these pre-approved personal items (e.g., inhaler, Epipen).

Evaluation of Disability Requirements

Evaluation of the disability or need for the requested accommodation must have been completed or determined by a qualified professional who is qualified in the assessment of the disability. Diagnosis in Ontario is a controlled act and may only be performed by qualified members of the College of Psychologists (CPO) and the College of Physicians and Surgeons (CPSO).

Note: The OCP may request an independent assessment of the candidate’s testing accommodation needs.

Documentation Requirements

Requests for consideration of testing accommodations must be submitted to the College in writing. The candidate will arrange for supporting documentation of their previously identified disability or other need requiring accommodation. It must be sufficient to evaluate the need for necessary accommodations by confirming the current functional limitations, identifying the impact on daily activities and testing/assessment performance, and stating the testing accommodations that are required by the candidate to address these limitations. Accommodations requested by the candidate that have not been recommended by a qualified professional will not be provided.

Note: The reason (diagnosis) for the requested testing accommodation does not need to be disclosed but the impact on testing/assessment must be provided.

The supporting documentation must include the name, title, professional credentials and information about the license/certification of the qualified professional, and be signed and dated by the qualified professional.

If the assessment was completed during the candidate’s education, school records documenting the accommodations that were provided to the candidate will generally be accepted from the institution and may be considered sufficient.

The candidate may be requested to provide written consent to allow the College to contact all professionals or institutions submitting documentation on their behalf.

Currency of Assessment and Documentation Requirements

An assessment of the need for the requested accommodations due to medical reasons must have been completed within six months prior to submitting the request to the College.

An assessment of the need for the requested accommodations due to a learning disability must have been completed within five years prior to submitting the request to the College.

Note: this requirement does not apply to physical disabilities of a permanent nature

Acceptance of Testing Accommodations by the Candidate

Once the candidate and the College have agreed upon the details of the accommodations to be provided, the College will provide the candidate with an acknowledgement of the agreement. Before arrangements for testing accommodations are finalized with the testing or assessment site, the candidate must sign, date and return the agreement to the College as their acceptance of the testing accommodations.