Practice Assessment of Competence at Entry (PACE) Re-Scoring

Approved: May 2016

Revised: June 2021

Reviewed: May 2023

In the Practice Assessment of Competence at Entry (PACE), the candidate is assessed by a College-appointed assessor using a validated and standardized assessment tool. The assessor’s ratings are entered in an online portal and submitted to the College to determine if the candidate has met the set pass score for entry-to-practice competence. Since this process involves data entry and tabulation of scores, a candidate who has not met the pass score may request a review to ensure there were no errors made in these processes. This policy outlines how College staff manages requests for re-scoring.


A PACE candidate who is unsuccessful in their assessment may request a re-scoring of the assessment tool to confirm the results. Re-scoring does not examine the content or methodology of the assessment process.


The candidate must complete the Request for PACE Re-Scoring form provided to candidates upon request, and submit it with the appropriate fee within 30 days of the release of the results. An external psychometrician consultant will review the assessment tool to confirm correct data entry and tabulation of results. A report of the psychometrician’s findings will be provided to the College and to the candidate.

Decision Criteria

A re-scoring request will be granted if the request is:

  1. Documented on the designated form
  2. Accompanied by the required fee and
  3. Received by the deadline
Possible Outcomes

Results adjusted

If coding issues are detected and resulted in an error in the tabulation of the results, the candidate’s results will be adjusted. The re-scoring fee will be refunded to the candidate.

No adjustment

If no issues are detected and the results are confirmed as correct, the candidate’s result in PACE will stand.

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